Families in the Forest

For families, maintaining family connections is vital to navigating the changes and challenges arising in the lives of young people. Our families can sometimes feel frayed, and our connections can become tenuous, and taut. 

We invite you to join us in creating a space for your family’s connection, presence, and growth - to reweave and tend to those frayed edges. We invite you to join a small group of families to do that tending, through a dedicated and sweet time together, held by the forest.

We’ll gather Saturday, September 30th from 10-1pm, in the woods near Portland, Oregon. Surrounded and supported by the spaciousness and care the living world offers, your family will have time to explore internal, relational, and external landscapes. We'll go slow, and make space for reflection, exploration, and have some  fun! Partnering with the wisdom of the natural world, we'll support your family in weaving connections and nurturing growth and trust. 

This will be facilitated in collaboration with my compassionate colleague, Heather Dorfman, of Rose & Cedar Forest Therapy.  

This offering is for families with kids ages 12-18 years old.  

Fee structure is based on family size, with a sliding rate of 10 to 20% off:

Family of 2: $75

Family of 3: $90

Family of 4: $100

Family of 5: $110

Click here to register.

For questions and more information, or to request a sliding scale discount, please contact the facilitators at forestfamilies@googlegroups.com

Interested but can’t come on Sept 30?  Send us a message to be invited to a future group!

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