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Not all therapists are alike.  I like to say, therapists are like a pair of shoes: just because they are your size doesn’t mean you want to walk a mile in them.  If what you read on this page resonates with you, or if you want to know more, please reach out to schedule a consultation to see if I am the right therapist for your journey.

What do I do?

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I approach therapy from a relational, humanistic, compassion focused mindset, working from the foundation of a client’s own insights, wisdom, and values to facilitate change and growth.  I utilize treatment models including Internal Family Systems, Compassionate Inquiry, and Buddhist Psychology, tailoring interventions to the specific needs and goals of my clients. With a keen understanding of the interplay of various internal and environmental systems, I help clients bring awareness to ways they have had to adapt in order to cope with what life has handed them, liberate themselves from oppressive patterns, and find their own power to transform themselves to living in alignment with their authenticity, and live the lives they are meant to live.  My style can be direct and challenging, starting from a place of curiosity and compassion.

Telehealth sessions available for individuals anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Who do I work with?

I work with individuals who experience some of the following identities, challenges, and life circumstances:

  • Adults, Young Adults, & Teens

  • Queer, Trans, non-binary individuals in any stage of awareness, exploration, across any identity & gender spectrum.

  • Mental health professionals, educators, first responders, and those impacted by systems meant to support or alleviate suffering in others, who experience vicarious or secondary trauma alongside their own personal challenges.

  • Individuals carrying personal trauma, wounding, persistent or chronic conditions of the mind or body, and challenges within their relationships or environment who are looking to ease their distress, explore new perspectives, and learn new habits to live in alignment with their core selves.

  • Those gifted with characteristics of neuro-divergent brains who are challenged by the constructs and expectations of our western world. Neurodivergence is natural, normal, and necessary in society, however it is often not seen or treated that way. I thoroughly enjoy working with others that have had to adapt to a culture that largely does not accept or understand the unique workings of diverse brain functioning, to hone their strengths and wisdom and let go of the messages that hold them back.

  • Individuals in non-traditional relationships are welcome here.  I am affirming and open to all ways of interrelating and navigating the variety and complexity of relationships and sex.

“It takes endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”

-Marianne Williamson


Therapy should be accessible and affordable.  I am in the process of seeking approval to accept and bill certain insurance/s.

In-Network Provider for the following Insurance:

Providence, United, Moda, Regence, OHP Healthshare.

Rates for therapy align with standards of OHA guidelines and fee schedules.  Individual Therapy (telehealth): $215 (50-55 min sessions)

For those paying out of pocket, I am more than happy to discuss sliding scale options (from 50-90%) to account for either the financial constraints of client and/or reduced administrative costs for the clinician.

Outdoor Therapy may not be covered by some insurances and will be offered at a sliding scale (50-90% of base rate), + transportation fees if clinician travels to client’s requested location.

Group Outdoor Hiking Therapy rates vary depending on location, expected time frame of hiking sessions, and number of participants, starting at $50.  Please inquire.

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