Taking care of ourselves can take many forms, including finding healing within our communities.  The best place to start, in my opinion, is to start with compassion:  Compassion for ourselves and all our complex misgivings, and for others, knowing that we are all working through something.  Accessing therapy, coaching, or mentorship are all ways to show care for ourselves.  It takes courage to reach out for support.  We all possess that courage.

Finding and connecting with activities, resources, skills, and like-minded thinkers is also a form of self care.  See some recommendations below:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Click the link to find videos, focus prompts, and brief tutorial on meditation.  (Hint: it’s easier than you think)

Reviews & Recommendations

Books, Podcasts, and Wise People


I have some thoughts.  In my brain they can feel scrambled or confused, but putting them into writing is a therapeutic practice (for myself).  As a child, writing was the only way I could be sure I wasn’t crazy, because once my thoughts were on a page, they made sense.  Writing comes easier than talking, sometimes.  

Every so often I will post content to my blog.  

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“We seek connection, predictability, and dependability to root us firmly in place. But we also have a need for change, for the unexpected, for transcendence.”

-Ester Perel

Be honest with yourself.  

Confront your own thoughts, opinions, even habitual traits.

Is this who I really am?

Is this who I want to be?

I can become who I strive to be.

Learn to tolerate discomfort

But be Gentle with yourself.

“Do one thing each day that scares you.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Human, Nature, & Where We Belong

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