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The Myth of Normal

Dr Gabor Mate is a Hungarian born physician, author, and inspired thinker on trauma and the origins of mental and physical illness, addiction, and the multitude of social issues we experience today.  With an understanding that Trauma is not what happens to us, but what happens in us, he highlights ways in which the idea of “normal” in western cultures is not only dangerous, it is toxic.  He argues that the pathway to healing is through connection, not just with each other, but re-connection to ourselves.

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Lindsay Braman

She calls herself a “mental health illustrator”, and creates lovely sketches and writings on common mental health struggles, providing psycho education and skill building ideas in a visually digestible way.  With a small Patreon donation, you even have access to print and use her material.

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What I listen to, What my clients listen to:

We Can Do Hard Things

This is a podcast by three privileged white women who use their platform in the world to encourage us all to step out of our comfort zone and do the things that feel (and are) HARD.  With offbeat humor and banter, knowledgeable and wise guests share digestible information to educate and encourage new behaviors, even (especially) when it’s hard, including:  

Showing up as your authentic self even when you are not accepted, Setting boundaries, Navigating conflict, calling Truth to Power and fighting for justice, Interrupting inter-generational trauma, Managing grief, loneliness, and illness, Letting go of things (& people) that don’t serve us, Reducing people pleasing and perfectionism, Confronting addiction, Having the courage to seek and find healing, and (my favorite) Going to therapy and being truly seen.

Hosted by Glennon Doyle, Abby Wambach, Amanda Doyle

Where Should We Begin

Esther Perel is a Belgian-American psychotherapist who explores the complexities of personal and professional relationships in easily understood language.  With direct conversations full of humor and insight, she tackles the complicated and contradictory needs in relationships, and addresses subjects including sex, infidelity, commitment, loneliness, and communication.  

Hosted By Esther Perel

A Therapist Can’t Say That

A podcast for therapists and those interested in what goes on in the mind of therapists.  Therapy practice, as we encounter it today, is steeped in the medical model of disorder, diagnosis, and deficit.  The education of therapists does not do enough to identify and interrupt the status quo and avoid the harm perpetuated by the systems of power.  The movement towards a more radical approach to the work of therapy must look at ways in which power and privilege play a role not only in the suffering of those seeking therapy, but also how we, as therapists, re-enact these differentials in therapy room, with each other, and even in ourselves.  Riva and her guests unpack the complexities inherent in our practice, and discuss concrete ways to do better individually and collectively.  

Hosted by Riva Stoudt

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