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Do you want to….

…go for a hike?

….take a walk at the river?

…sit in the park?

…stroll the neighborhood?

No screens, no sterile offices, no long term obligation.

A New Way to do Therapy

Outdoor Therapy

It’s no secret that being outside, breathing in fresh air, exploring the intricacies and vastness of Nature helps our mental health.  There is more and more evidence to show the benefits we acquire by just being outside.  

I recommend everyone to do this on their own!  Or…

I can walk alongside you.  

Let me help you to explore challenges in your life, your head, or your heart. To get unstuck, to look at a new perspective, to be seen and heard in a new way.

If you would like to explore how being outdoors with a licensed therapist could benefit you, contact me to learn more.  Outdoor therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with telehealth (video) sessions.


Group therapy can be an especially impactful experience to gain insight from others managing similar life challenges, and can reduce loneliness and isolation.

Groups are generally comprised of individuals within specific communities, identities, backgrounds, or experiences, such as LGBTQ+ communities, people living with chronic illness, parenting or family groups, teens, survivors of acute trauma, etc.  Check out current offerings on the Outdoor Therapy Groups page, if you don’t see an offering that you would like to see, Contact me!

Is it for Me?

Outdoor, Nature-based therapy can benefit people of all ages and backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.  Here are some important considerations:

  • Individuals should have some level of comfort being outside in whatever weather the PNW has for us.

  • One does not need to be ready for vigorous activity: therapy can be tailored to your ability and mobility needs.

  • When viable, outdoor therapy incorporates PLAY and EXPLORATION.  Creativity is encouraged.

  • Participants drive the experience.  I will facilitate the opportunity, encourage reflection with prompts and challenges, and invite you to bring yourself to the work.  

  • Participation will require you to meet me in the community.  Depending on your location and transportation options, a meeting place will be determined together, where you feel comfortable.  There are lots of great options a short drive from the metro area, but I am not able to provide transportation for you.  

  • Safety is always a priority, and YOU determine what feels safe, physically and emotionally.  Awareness of your own limits and boundaries is both a goal and expectation, and communication of these helps to create and hold a sense of safety.  There are inherent risks in being outdoors.  The participant (and/or guardian) takes responsibility for themselves.  

  • Being in the community offers the potential to come across other community members, leading to client confidentiality being jeopardized.  We will agree upon and set clear boundaries around expectations for this potential prior to entering a therapeutic relationship outdoors.

  • Outdoor therapy can be FUN, but the primary purpose is to facilitate healing and growth.  As with any therapeutic experience, sometimes that process will be uncomfortable or downright painful.  Partially due to Nature’s unique capacity to help us maintain regulation and grounding, and to find meaning in our existence, Nature-based therapy can be truly transformational.

Does this resonate with you?  Readiness to start therapy and take steps in your healing should be done on a path that feels inviting to you.  If it does, send me an inquiry to set up a consultation.

Therapy that Adapts, naturally.

Go outside!

Human, Nature, & Where We Belong

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